Are you at a point in your life or career where you need to take that next step, but something is holding you back? Is greater energy and vitality important to you? Do you see value in a holistic or integrative approach to wellness?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then it may be a good time for you and I to connect. Let’s have a conversation and go as deep as you feel comfortable to discover something new. A couture approach to mental and physical wellness to fuel the next phase of your journey.


Is there a particular area of your life that you find most challenging.

Mindset strategies

Thoughts create emotions. Emotions create action. Your life is the sum total of all action.


Comprehensive care done your way. On your time. Executive or Personal.

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Connect MD Signature Program. The essence of Total Wellness.


Learning through listening. “The Truth Prescription Podcast”.


Learning Through doing.


Learning through reading.


Self-development through Knowledge.


In person lectures and seminars.





Zulay. G Zulay. G Healthcare

Dr. Gathers will guide the transformation you are seeking. I believe it is because his work comes from a place of authenticity and an ability to meet you where you are in a soothing yet firm style. Dr. Gathers taught me how all areas of our lives are intertwined. I believe he has a gift of getting to the root cause of issues with ease. In my case, he helped me clarify my “obstacles” to success, peeling those layers back, to create a unique life strategy for me. Since working with Dr. Gathers, my life and business has improved immensely. This was my experience.

Stella Stella K. Fashion Entrepreneur

My work with Dr. Seku was intense. He challenged me and helped me to see how I was sabotaging myself and business in very subtle ways. It has been several years since we worked together and I continue to keep his name on my wall as a reminder of what I was able to accomplish in a short period of time. Thank you Dr. Seku.

Gary C. Questlove Musician, Film Director, Author

I am, and have been, a satisfied client of Dr. Gathers, for many years.
He is my go-to for anything medical, for both myself and my family. Highly recommended.

Eddie N. Eddie N. Global Advocate and Activist

Dr. G is the best. As a concierge physician, I feel safe in his care and he is always available when I need him. His team of nurses and physician assistants are an extension of him with regard to how they approach medical care with elegance, punctuality and professionalism. As a coach, some of the best insights I have gleaned came through casual conversation as he brilliantly made the connection between my mindset and a particular physical complaint I was experiencing. He is the consummate professional with an awesome service to match.

Gary C. Digital Media CEO

I love this guy. Knowledgeable, great service. Happy to have him on my team. Lots of Insights to keep me healthy – mentally and physically. As my business grows, I continue to lean on his wisdom. Thanks Doc G.

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Dr. Seku Gathers is on a lifelong mission to discover Truth. Specifically, the truth about himself and the world we live in. From his days as an emergency room physician, managing physical and psychological trauma, to his current role as Life Strategist, Mindset Coach and Concierge Physician, he has always been dedicated to self-discovery and the refinement of healing techniques to better serve humanity.

Dr. Seku developed his approach to personal development, slowly over time, with patience, discipline and love. His 30-year healing journey, has helped him transform childhood sexual trauma into the truth of his life mission – to guide others toward acceptance of their own inherent POWER. Through his practice, Dr. Gathers empowers each client to obtain optimal health through scientifically vetted mindset techniques AND providing world class medical testing and consultation.