There are some very basic ingredients to a coaching program. Objectivity, accountability, proactivity and level of Energy. Could you see yourself if shown (Objectivity)? Could you follow through on action items and assignments given (Accountability)?. Could you be active in a coaching process, looking for new ways to create opportunities for growth (Proactivity)?. Would you be committed to dietary and physical activity suggestions to improve your ability to achieve (Energy)?. Do you learn better within a community of people you trust? If you answered yes to 4 or more of those questions, group coaching may be a powerful place for you to start.

Achieve now is a group coaching program designed for individuals who have a personal or professional goal.The program lasts 3 months, utilizing primarily, my 7 step MAP system with other modalities. In addition to our hourly weekly calls as a group, each Achieve Now participant will have 2, one on one sessions with me during the 3 month period to personalize the experience and clarify specific topics. ($1000 value alone).

Course process

WEEK 1 & 2


Mindset: What thoughts do you have (known or unknown), that help you succeed. What thoughts do you have that sabotage success?. Here we do various exercises and assignments to help you unmask those powerful AND limiting beliefs. We also clearly identify your goal. The remainder of the 8 weeks will hinge on that goal and how it applies to each topic area of the “MAP”(Mindset, Active Blindspots etc..)

WEEK 3 & 4


Health: Nothing is possible without energy. For most of us, we have been operating on suboptimal energy for years. These two weeks we take an inventory of your diet and your physical movement. We are not trying to make “health nuts” or olympic athletes. We do, however, want to create a system, specific to you, that will promote optimal wellness and energy creation through nutrition and movement.

WEEK 5 & 6


Active Blindspots: These are areas of your life that mentally affect you each day, but you have no idea they are there.
Through group work, we are able to extract/find Blindspots for each individual and provide them with strategies to counteract/mitigate them.

WEEK 7 & 8


Habits: This is the active form of Mindset. How you set your mental perspective informs what you do. That’s all a habit is. What you do every day, either helps or harms your life goals. We will look at your habits as an extension of mindset, forming best practices to implement daily.

WEEK 9 & 10


People in your life: The people around you influence your success and demise. Although they are not the ultimate determiners, they do play a big role. These two weeks, we will be diving into your circle of friends/family/colleagues and looking to see who may need to be transitioned out of your life, to support the success vision you have for yourself.

Week 11-12


Achieve: After 10 weeks of learning about yourself and understanding how the Life “MAP” helps or harms, you can now begin to implement the tools and tactics you have learned, comprehensively, in service of achievement of your vision.


Winning at life is based on the ability to set goals, form a strategy and execute with consistency. Achieve Now! provides a blueprint for success, with the support and accountability of your peers. At the end of 90 days, you will have the tools to materialize your present and future life vision with power, awareness, energy and focus.