The powerful narrative

The powerful narrative

Our lives are literally a story. What is your story? And more importantly, who wrote it? Pondering this question really gets to the heart of the TPN Mastermind. Over the course of 10 weeks, we will explore all the different components of your story and craft a personal narrative that is in alignment with your vision for yourself Now.

Often our approach to life is based on our personal narrative. And that personal narrative is informed by an older version of you. When our computer software gets outdated, what do we do? Yes. Exactly, we upgrade it. TPN is about upgrading your personal narrative into a Powerful narrative so that achievement of personal and professional goals become effortless. If you know who you are. You know where you are going and how to get there.

Course process

WEEK 1 & 2

The Backstory

What has happened in your past. Here we explore major and minor traumas, disappointments and family events that may have caused difficulty in your life.

WEEK 3 & 4

The Real Story

How can we take the events from the Backstory and clarify them, while allowing you to look at those situations objectively. You will learn tools and tips on how to extract the real essence of those experiences, no matter how emotionally difficult.

WEEK 5 & 6

The Now

Looking at your life now. How are you living? What are you doing? Who are you doing it with? How has the Back story and the clarification of that story informed how you could be living today?

WEEK 7 & 8

Crafting The Powerful Narrative

Here we take all the information we learned in weeks 1-7 and use it to craft your true Powerful Narrative. You have the past, what you learned from the past, and how you are living now. In weeks 7 through 8, we will design and write your Powerful present and future.

As an upgrade, once completed, your Powerful Narrative manuscript can be professionally bound in a custom, gold etched, leather, hardcover book.

WEEK 9 & 10

The Legacy

Here we explore how your Powerful Narrative will affect your family and the world globally. What mark do you want to leave behind? Being intentional here is very important, because your lasting imprint, or your legacy, will be how those that never met you, get to know you.


Your ability to change how you see you is literal magic. Through The Powerful Narrative course, you will experience turning pain into power and learn how to create a true path to freedom.