May 27
May 27
Ep: 56 Adrion Porter:

Using Professional Branding Expertise to Create the Best You

Ep: 56 Adrion Porter: Using Professional Branding Expertise to Create the Best You Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

Adrion Porter joins us for this week’s episode of The Truth Prescription. Adrion is a brand strategist, speaker, and consultant with a wealth of experience. Prior to starting his own brand strategy and consulting firm (AP & Company), he held top positions at Cartoon Network, HBO and Citigroup. Adrion is also the host of the podcast, GenXAmplified, a personal growth and leadership show that focuses on GenXers who are at a crossroads in their careers.

Adrion shares his personal and professional truths about not taking life for granted, living it to the fullest and the importance of cultivating a vision for your life.

One of my mottos is: One Life to Live. This episode is full of gems on how we can make this one life, the best life

Host: Dr. Seku Gathers

Guest: Adrion Porter


Time Stamps:

[8:13] Personal Truth: Adrion has a number of truths – he attributes this to constant growth and evolution; the more we learn, the more the truth reveals itself. He narrows his professional truth down to a recent revelation. Within the past 5 years, he’s experienced a number of large life events, some positive and some marked with sadness. Within a short amount of time, a number of his friends and family members passed away. Those losses taught him the value of ensuring that he takes life seriously and doesn’t take it for granted. He also learned the value of making sure that you become the best of who you are and being good to people.

[20:47] Professional Truth: Adrion talks to us about tuning into his life purpose and the evolution that led to its discovery. He studied marketing in school because he enjoyed it, it was a passion – one that eventually evolved into others. At this stage in his life and in his career, he realizes that he’s always been driven to help people become the best of who they are. As he’s gotten older, he started asking himself “ am I happy? Am I living my purpose? Am I doing what I’m meant to do?” He’s tuned in to his purpose in life, helping others amplify and turn up the volume of their best selves.

[30:15] Adrion breaks down the methodology that he created. It outlines the 5 core areas that he believes are the habits and actions taken by people with powerful brands; whether that’s a CEO, parent, community leader, church leader, etc. It’s someone who, Adrion says “when people think about them, when they’re not around, they have a great feeling. They’re empowered.”

5 Point Roadmap to Career, Professional and Personal Development:

B uild

R efine

A mplify

N uture

D edicate

[41:38] We talk about legacy – how important it is to think about what we leave behind and making sure that we do today is “affecting change that will make an impact when we’re gone.” Adrion points out that we have such an opportunity, now, being in this information/social age. It’s made it possible for us to leave something behind for our generations to come. He talks about how my great-great-great-great grandchildren will be able to tap into these doss of truth and that ability to archive is important to understand, especially when thinking about the intention behind what we put out into the world. It comes down to the question, how can we create value? Adrion says that legacy is all about immediate and lasting value that’s, either, archived in content or in someone’s memory

[51:28] Yes or BS

  • Monetary wealth is about creating value?
  • Millennials are smarter than GenXers?
  • Adrion Porter will not work for a corporation again?
  • Instagram is the best platform for brand promotion?
  • Your income is determined by the income of your 5 closest friends?
  • Adrion Porter uses brand strategy in his role as husband?
  • Atlanta has more opportunities for people of color than New York?