Jul 5
Jul 5
Ahmir Thompson

The Truth About Questlove - Part II

Ahmir Thompson – The Truth About Questlove – Part II Dr. Seku Gathers

Good people,

Today’s episode is part two of my conversation with the musician, producer, and author Ahmir Khalib Thompson, Questlove.

In this second part of the interview, we dive deep into the four tropes in which Black artists are automatically put when they emerge in the show business. We also talked about self-confidence and Ahmir’s old mentality of not believing his music or any artistic piece produced by him was good enough.

Ahmir also shared an amusing story about the origin of his artistic name, and he brilliantly answered the yes or BS quest. Before the end, he shared some priceless insights about music and the show business.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • “You are brilliant; that is unexpected.” When compliments reveal prejudices and racism (3:59)
  • The placebo syndrome and its positive effects (7:59)
  • Being always ready to pivot in case the worse happens. How Ahmir’s mentality took him to never aiming to success (13:27)
  • The difference between ‘I am!’ and ‘Am I?’ (15:57)

Yes or BS:

  1. In hip hop, your story needs to be bigger than your talent.
  2. There is no better pizza than Valducci’s.
  3. Questlove’s vaccinated food salons will be back in 2021.
  4. Just Blaze is a top three hip-hop producer of all time.
  5. Self-sabotage can be cured.
  6. Andy Warhol is like Pete Rock for painters.
  7. The Akai MPC drum machine produces a swing that is the closest to an actual drum.
  8. Black thought is too good to be great.

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