Jan 22
Jan 22
Ali Muhammad

The Professional Storyteller

Ali Muhammad – The Professional Storyteller Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People. I should tell you first that this interview contains explicit language. So if you have little ones around, tell them to come listen when they’re 18. This interview with Ali Muhammad was the most relaxed interview I’ve done – and by relaxed I mean, we ordered some chicken (which he ate), got some other food and drink – it was literally a recording of a conversation over a meal.

Ali Muhammad is the Co-Host of In the Conversation Podcast so he’s no stranger to the audio platform. He calls himself a professional storyteller and drops so many wise comments in our conversation. He believes being in any religion of any kind – no matter if you’re Christian, Islam or Buddhist, it requires discipline. This conversation has laughs, wisdom and of course…swearing.

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