Jul 20
Jul 20
Belinda Farrell:

Healing the Unconscious

Belinda Farrell: Healing the Unconscious Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

Today I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Miss Belinda Farrell, who has lived an exceptionally colorful life. She’s worked lots of different positions throughout her life, but she currently works as a reconnective healing practitioner, Huna consultant, and public speaker.

For her Truth, Belinda gets down and honest about her process to realizing that she was ignoring the false belief that she needed external love and support in order to survive and thrive, and that she was struggling because those resources were scarce. Consequently, she chose partners and situations that confirmed her belief: they represented scarcity of love and income. It took a debilitating spinal injury for her to realize that the love she was looking for must come from within.

Belinda also shares about how she recovered emotionally from her son’s suicide along with losing all of her money in a Ponzi scheme, and how Huna helped her crack open her subconsciousness in order for her to heal it. We also dive into how the dramatic arts can help folks heal from trauma, and what tools you can use to heal yourself little by little, every single day as well.

So close your eyes and open your ears. Let’s get into it.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Out of all your healing modalities, which one do you like best? (12:18)
  • How were you able to heal from the losses you experienced? (15:38)
  • What does the process of reconnective healing look like? (20:24)
  • Do you have a daily practice that keeps you balanced? (25:29)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The personal truth that allowed Belinda’s spine to heal & support her after being injured. (6:25)
  • The breathing technique that enabled Belinda to access her unconscious and clear the plaque off her soul. (10:46)
  • The process of Huna Healing. (22:40)
  • The 4 phrases that connect you with your higher self in order to heal your unconscious self. (28:24)
  • A Huna chant to heal trauma. (35:38)

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