May 24
May 24
Bianca M. Forde:

The Truth About the Real Purpose of Stigmatization

Bianca M. Forde: The Truth About the Real Purpose of Stigmatization Dr. Seku Gathers

Good people,

Today I’m joined by Bianca M. Forde, Former Federal Prosecutor, Author, Global Ethics & Compliance Executive, Litigator, and Trial Attorney.

Bianca’s truth is about stigma. She realized that the surest way to maintain inequity and any other injustice is to stop people from talking about it, which is achieved through stigmatization. After a racially motivated arrest, Bianca wrote her book “Prosecuted Prosecutor,” a compelling memoir and call-to-action. Her book is an accurate analysis of how prosecutors can fulfill their mandates as law servants, tackling taboo subjects prosecutors can discuss, but for some reason, they don’t. We talked about how stigmatization of black people, the preventive rather than reactive policies the justice system should adopt, and how she transformed pain into power throughout her arrest.

Bianca also emphasized how speaking on behalf of other women suffering from domestic violence helped her stand for herself and find her own voice and authenticity.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • I’d like you to tell the listeners something about your personal or professional life that you were ignoring, and once you accepted it, you had a significant breakthrough (4:18)
  • In your opinion, where does the legal system work, and where does it fall short? (9:42)
  • What would you do differently? If anything, if you were stopped by the police in a similar situation today? (16:27)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Bianca’s truth about stigma (4:37)
  • Why stigmatization and the things people are not supposed to talk about feels like a threat (8:19)
  • The system should concentrate on creating preventive rather than reactive approach to crime (12:30)
  • Some of the policing problems we have, and why some procedures need to stop happening (22:26)
  • Bianca’s journey on transforming pain into power (24:01)

Yes or BS:

  • If it was not for the events of 11/29/19, Bianca Forde would still be a US attorney (28:42)
  • Trinidad makes the best Roti, not Guyana (29:19)
  • Police reform will never happen (29:43)
  • The 11 lessons in your book “Prosecuted Prosecutor” have been graciously accepted by the prosecutorial community (32:59)
  • Dubai is more fun than Boston (34:02)
  • You should think hard before taking risks (36:01)
  • When getting married, the ring is more important than the dress (38:31)


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