May 9
May 9
Chris Bernard

Mindset of an NBA Exec

Chris Bernard | Mindset of an NBA Exec Seku Gathers

Dear People,

Today I’m joined by Chris Bernard, Senior Vice President of Athlete Marketing and Development at The Players’ Tribune.

Chris played high school and college basketball; he was an all-star player at Thomas Edison High School from Queens, NY, and later on, he played with NBA coach Steve Clifford at Adelphi University.

After college, Chris got an intern job at the New York Knicks, where he stayed for 15 years and became VP of Player Development, Marketing, and Team Operations, and also dealt with the truth that liberated him.

Chris’ truth was about finding out that during his time working for the NY Knicks, he operated from fear, he was constantly afraid of making mistakes, and once he accepted that, his career changed completely.

We talked about the eye-opening conversation that led Chris to face his truth and how it helped boost his career. We delve into Crhis’ transition from working with the Knicks to his current position at The Players’ Tribune, his approach to marketing and branding, what makes a good coach, and how we can imprint an athlete’s mindset into our personal and professional lives.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Chris’ truth and how it changed his career (5:15)

  • Chris’ view on marketing, building awareness, and his experience working with the Knicks and The Players’ Tribune (8:21)

  • About athletes’ hard work, pursuit for perfection, and their transferable skills (12:41)

First Impressions:

  • Kyrie (16:29)

  • Family (16:35)

  • Athlete (16:39)

  • Covid (16:44)

  • Marriage (16:49)

  • James Dolan (16:55)

  • Legacy (17:00)

  • Chris Bernard (17:05)


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