Sep 5
Sep 5
Danay Lea

Helping Others Requires Tons of Self-care

Danay Lea | Helping Others Requires Tons of Self-care Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

Our guest today comes from a slightly different walk of life than what we are used to in the show, but he is just as exciting and valuable. Danay Lea is an advisor to the CEO at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, former CFO of the Commercial Bank International, and a leader who thrives in the business development space. 

Danay’s truth revolves around the realization that helping others reach their potential and succeed is fantastic, but it can’t be done at the expense of self-care. Son of an English teacher and raised in an environment where helping, teaching, and coaching others was normal, Danay developed a passion for developing people early in his life. Although he firmly believes that we should put ourselves at the service of others as much as possible, we must also pay attention to our needs and self-care.  

Throughout our conversation, Danay described how his truth was revealed and how crucial it was for him to realize that sometimes, we must be selfish when thinking of our mental and physical health. He talks about the everyday struggle most CEOs deal with in their lives and compares it with what most parents deal with daily. 

We also chat about how to learn more about our financial decisions, how to get better at making them, and the shortcut to financial empowerment. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Danay talks about his truth (3:21)
  • Why we must be selfish when thinking of our mental and physical health (5:17)
  • What are the things Danay sees most CEOs struggling with (9:09)
  • The importance of maintaining clear communication (11:46)
  • Danay talks about using the information we have and taking logical steps to make important decisions (15:59)
  • How to reach financial empowerment (20:09)


First Impressions:

  • Money (23:03)
  • Truth (23:18)
  • Branding (23:26)
  • Leader (23:38)
  • Investments (25:04)
  • Relationships (29:26)
  • Danay Lea (30:43)


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