Nov 26
Nov 26
David Neagle:

Defying the Odds to Create a Life of Success

David Neagle: Defying the Odds to Create a Life of Success Dr. Seku Gathers

David Neagle is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and leadership coach. He joins the Truth Prescription for a conversation about success, purpose and his journey of discovery. We talk about the nearly fatal accident that transformed his life and brought him face to face with the truth, unlocking his potential and setting him on a course that would change his life and the lives of others.

Tune in to learn how a high school dropout and dock worker tripled his income within just one month and created a life of happiness, success and abundance – while working with individuals and small businesses to help them achieve the same!

Guest: David Neagle

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Host: Dr. Seku Gathers



  • Personal Truth: After surviving a nearly fatal water skiing accident, where he saw his life flash before his eyes, David was hit with a personal truth: at the time, he was not able to do the things that he needed to do in order to be successful. That day he prayed for a second chance and vowed that he would do what was necessary to find out what was stopping him and would spend his life helping others to do the same.


  • A Change in Attitude: After waking up to the fact that his attitude and mindset were limiting his ability to see beyond his circumstances, David quickly implemented 3 changes in his attitude and noticed immediate results – his income tripled within a month! That set him on a journey of discovery to figure out exactly what he did.


  • Forkelifer to Success Coach: He spent 7 years studying to understand how he was able to make the changes that he made; things just kept getting better and better and he’d only implemented 3 changes. He found a mentor who informed him that he’d only stumbled across these changes but truly didn’t understand the ‘how.’ As a result, if anything shifted he’d be unable to adapt to those changes. Through helping friends, coworkers and family he realized that he had a passion for the work and began professionally coaching, doing seminars and speaking engagements.


  • Professional Truth: David realized that he had an extreme fear of the naysayers who told him that he wouldn’t make it. Many thought he was crazy for leaving the comfort of his career and starting his own business; a business that they also didn’t believe in. He was really afraid of the “I told you so,” and he turned that fear into motivation for his success.


  • Recognize Where You Are: David talks about one of his clients who had difficulty getting “unstuck.” He worked with her to help her identify and focus on her gifts. Despite her not believing she could monetize her gifts, she quickly went from earning $38K a year to $167K a month! He advises that you have to start where the person is and work them out of a limiting mindset.


  • Study the Greats: David has studied the greats: great leaders, the very wealthy, etc. He describes the common factor among all of them and discusses his belief that everyone is born with a purpose and how that purpose is our life essence.


  • Importance of Environment: Our environment is comprised of people, places and things. David believes that the people in our environment shape us the most. People are influential in raising us, forming the foundation of our thoughts before age 7. “Subconsciously, the how we think tells our conscious mind what to think about what we’re experiencing when it comes to the places and the things.”


  • Don’t Make $$ Your God: David shares insights about this concept that goes back thousands of years. It’s included in religious texts and covered by all 7 major religions. The feeling of being trapped or limited financially, that decision is based on believing that you don’t have the resources to bring your financial goals to fruition. That approach comes from a place of lack versus a place of abundance.


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