May 14
May 14
Deborah Goodwin:

Truth, Screenwriting & Good Films

Deborah Goodwin: Truth, Screenwriting & Good Films Dr. Seku Gathers

Born in Manchester, England, Deborah Goodwin is a New York based writer, director and filmmaker, not to mention an award winner for Best Screenplay at the Urbanworld Festival for her family drama, “Cherrys,” with her first feature film “Vampires in Venice” making its sales debut at Cannes Market 2011.

Recently, she wrote and directed the modern western film The Pastor starring Franky G, Victoria Cartagena and Ismael Cruz Cardova.

We talk about:

  1. How sometimes you have to strip yourself away from your ego to serve the purpose of a story or film
  2. When to allow yourself to let go from what you’ve become attached to
  3. Being a professor at a college in Brooklyn

You can connect with Deborah through:
Femme Fatale Group in NYC.