Nov 13
Nov 13
Dr Gathers

Rant on Hollywood Sexual Assault Claims

Dr Gathers Rant on Hollywood Sexual Assault Claims Dr. Seku Gathers

On this weeks Truth Prescription, it’s a special episode. We take a break from the usual guests as Dr. Gathers gets into the conversations about the recent sexual assault claims against some of Hollywood’s most powerful.

In this rant, Dr G discusses the discrepancy in female decision makers in the entertainment industry and just how this lack of diversity is having a greater implication on the decision making process. Research has shown that in 2015/16, 10% of women were in positions were they had the decision making capacity as directors, producers, writers and ever lead characters. He addresses the systematic issues by having a structure that is so male predominated.

From a clinical perspective, he discusses how the perpetrators can be helped.

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