Jan 21
Jan 21
Dr. Ian K. Smith:

Living Your Life on Full Blast

This week I’m joined by Dr. Ian K. Smith. Many of us know Dr. Ian from his various appearances on Celebrity Fit Club, The View, as corresponding anchor on NBC news and anchor contributor to HealthWatch. He’s also a New York Times best selling author, having written 16 books with the 17th releasing soon – keep an eye out for Clean and Lean: 30 Days, 30 Foods, A New You!

He takes us on a journey of truth and we do a bit of a deep dive into his book, Ancient Nine. It’s the most autobiographical of his books, about a kid from the other side of the tracks who is mysteriously invited to join one of Harvard’s ancient, elite, secret societies where he unknowingly and unwittingly joins the process to try out for membership. This story was a 20 year work in progress

Tune to hear Dr. Ian drops gem after gem about the importance of hard work, the power of relationships, and living life on full blast.

Host: Dr. Seku Gathers

Guest: Dr. Ian K. Smith


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  • Personal & Professional Truth: Dr. Ian talks about his third year in medical school when he was going through rotations in various disciplines. During a particular rotation, he was called into the office of one of the professors on service – a meeting he thought was going to result in a mentorship or him receiving kudos on his work. Turns out, he was told that he was carrying himself and dressing in a manner that was above his station. This was a tricky moment for Ian. He had been dressing well to present himself in the most professional light. In that moment, he had to figure out what was truly going in with the conversation and how to best handle it (he typically has a very direct approach) without jeopardizing his grade. Ian chose to tread lightly – he thanked the professor for sharing and explained that he dressed that way because he wanted to put his best foot forward. It was then that he realized the truth, he is not someone who can operate well in a hierarchy. That instance taught him, very early on, that being in the hierarchy of medicine, in a traditional sense, wasn’t his path – especially in situations where he’d have to hold his tongue for the sake of being politically correct.


  • Hard Work and Motivation: Dr. Ian explains that he’s a very motivated person. He likes to work, likes the feeling of working and likes what it brings him; he feels better when he works for it. I asked him about his Instagram post “I may not be as good as you but I will outwork you,” and he said it’s how he’s won the game. He will work and work, this is something he tries to impart to his followers, particularly those seeking weight loss transformations; you have to work hard for what you want in life. Dr. Ian says putting in that effort and yielding your result tastes so much sweeter and feels so much better.


  • Leave Something in the Tank: We talked about his writing process; he says his writing is zone like and he’s constantly in the flow. He offered a key piece of advice: he makes sure that when he’s done writing, he doesn’t stop when he runs out of ideas, he stops where he still has more to tell. This is done so that he has somewhere to pick up the next day. Dr. Ian doesn’t run his tank down to E, he leaves with about a ¼ remaining and that has stopped him from getting writers block, helping him to continue to create. His advice to young writers is to spend time just writing and then go back to make your edits. Trying to do, what his son calls, “surgery” on your writing while in the midst of creating can be challenging to the process.


  • Doctors and Artists: Dr. Ian and I share similar passions for art and medicine, this struck me when I read that he calls himself an artist and I asked when he came to that realization. At nine years old he knew he wanted to be a doctor and that he was a very creative person. He knew that his life was going to be involved in story in some form. During his first year in college his aunt, who is an avid reader, told him to pick up The Firm. That book was a game changer for him, the story was so gripping – he knew that he wanted to create story to ignite those same feelings that he had while reading the book.


  • Yes or BS
    1. Dr. Ian Smith prefers wearing the goatee?
    2. Weight loss is primarily psychological?
    3. In life shooting your shot is always the right choice?
    4. The number one status symbol for men is settling down and starting a family?
    5. Dr. Ian K. Smith will produce his own program for television in 2020?
    6. The Ancient Nine will be turned into a screenplay written by Dr. Seku Gathers?
    7. Non Fiction is much easier to write than Fiction?
    8. A critical key to happiness involves the act of giving?
    9. Dating for 14 years is a recipe for a successful marriage?