Jul 31
Jul 31
Dr Nathalie Martinek

Research To Igniting Her Spirit

Dr Nathalie Martinek – Research To Igniting Her Spirit Dr. Seku Gathers

With our third female guest, hailing from Melbourne Australia – meet scientist, Dr Nathalie Martinek. Unlike most others that share the doctor title, Nathalie’s uniqueness comes from the fact that even though she has a very scientific background that is heavily predicated on research, intuitively, she has felt a constant pull from the other side of her brain that involved emotions and energy. It was Nathalie’s spiritual compass always lead her to exactly where she was supposed to be. At 6 weeks pregnant, intuitively she knew she had to move to Melbourne, Australia – where her husband was from. This began to unravel her journey of truth. We learn about:

  • People Pleasing: how Nathalie learnt that no amout of giving to others is going to give you the experience you want
  • Setting an Intention before the start of your day or the start of anything can improve, change or effect the outcome
  • The energetic landscape through meditation and a healing modality called Ignite Your Spirit Therapy
  • How health care professionals can protect themselves from energetic fatigue

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