Dec 6
Dec 6
Dr. Steven Taylor

The Truth About Acceptance

Dr. Steven Taylor – The Truth About Acceptance Dr. Seku Gathers

Dear People,

Today I’m joined is Dr. Steven Taylor, Ph.D., prolific Author, Podcast Host, and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Leeds Beckett University. Dr. Steven authored 13 books on psychology and spirituality, many of them already best-selling titles. In his latest “Extraordinary Awakenings,” Dr. Steven shares dozens of stories from people who experienced a profound transformation, an awakening, after suffering trauma.

Dr. Steven’s truth is about acceptance, as in identifying when there is no option but to accept reality, learn to be in peace with it, and stop resisting.

Our conversation revolves around Dr. Steven’s discovery that after he faced his health issue and stopped running from it, the pain wasn’t really that bad, and the suffering was more in what he thought he would feel than what he actually felt. We discuss the power of acceptance and how it can turn trauma into something beautiful. Dr. Stevens explained why he believes that not everyone who has traumatic experiences grows, and he shared the three steps to change trauma into truth.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Dr. Steven’s truth (4:47)
  • How can acceptance be applied to our day to day life (7:55)
  • How can we transform trauma into something beautiful (10:24)
  • Three steps to transform trauma into truth (12:15)


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