Sep 30
Sep 30
Dr. Wayne Pernell:

Be Who YOU Want to Be

Dr. Wayne Pernell: Be Who YOU Want to Be Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

On today’s episode, I talk with Dr. Wayne Pernell. He’s a leadership coach, author, clinical psychologist, magician, and blackbelt. Throughout our conversation, Wayne brings up a topic that many of us have struggled with throughout our lives: doing what others want or expect of us, rather than what we want to do with our own lives. He shares with us a great story about his journey to realizing this personal truth.

Dr. Wayne Pernell struggles with people-pleasing tendencies in his professional life, too. The professional truth that he shares is that he realized he needed to develop a skill of being a great leader without needing to be liked. This is an incredibly important nuance. As a leader, you want to be able to inspire people to follow your direction, but you don’t want to become a dictator. So, finding that subtle nuance is essential.

We also jump into some questions, like how to use love and passion in our work, what makes him stand out as a leadership coach, and how exercise regimes transfer into success in business and life.

Sit back, relax, and take a listen. I’ll see you soon.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What does it mean to love through your work? (16:29)
  • As a leadership coach, how can you help where others can’t? What’s your secret sauce? (25:31)
  • How do martial arts translate to great leadership? (29:01)
  • In This Episode, You Will Learn:
  • How Wayne learned to be who he wants to be, even if that strays from who others want him to be. (5:34)
  • How Wayne learned to be a great leader through letting go of the desire to be liked. (12:15)
  • What 3 words guide Wayne in all of his interactions. (17:17)
  • What you can learn through a regimented exercise program. (29:23)

Yes or BS:

  • Change your posture, change your life.
  • Great leaders eliminate “why” from their vocabulary.
  • Mental rehearsal is the same as visualization.
  • Coaching packages should come with a money-back guarantee.
  • Real leaders set goals and never waiver.

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