Aug 14
Aug 14
Egypt Buck:

Hustle & Hair

Egypt Buck: Hustle & Hair Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People! We’re on Episode number 10. I can’t thank you enough for coming along this journey with me so far and tuning into a dose of truth every other Monday.

Being our first double digit episode, we needed to bring YOU double the style and double the flair. Introducing Egypt Buck – one of New York City’s most talented and promising Hair Artists. Specializing in weaving, extensions, fashion runway hair and avant garde pieces, Egypt has been featured in a number of high-profile hair shows including the Hair Oscars, Golden Scissor Awards, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and benefit fashion shows. Even though his life may seem glamorous, Egypt’s journey of accepting the truth was one that was far from that. In one of the most unique interviews, we talk about:

  • How $21,000 for hair school education was gifted to him
  • Why he slept in the AmTrak station for months
  • His Move to New York after battling through a domestically violent relationship
  • His love for hair, make up and creativity which was the drive to keep him going

Connect with Egypt on:
Natural Sisters Hair Salon Harlem