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Aug 1
Elisa Stancil

The Power of The Pivot

Elisa Stancil | The Power of The Pivot Seku Gathers

Good People,

Today I’m joined by the world-class decorative artist and author Elisa Stancil Levine. She recently published “This or Something Better: A Memoir of Resilience,” a book inspired by Elisa’s reaction to the big Sonoma Complex fire in 2017, which is strongly connected with her truth.

Elisa’s truth is to realize at age 5 that her life was in her own hands. Abused by her step-grandfather, Elisa soon realized although there were a lot of people around to help, and she needed all of them, no one knew what she knew, and therefore, no one was going to help.

Throughout our conversation, we explore Elisa’s past and the moments that marked her destiny. We learn about how she transformed rage into joy, the loss of her first baby, and her drug abuse problems. We also touch on Elisa’s remarkable resilience, embracing transparency and permeability, two characteristics any abuse victim would struggle to be in touch with.

In addition, we talk about Elisa’s latest book and how it came through, how she redesigned her internal world after all the trauma she went through, and how she resignified human interactions,

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Elisa shares her truth (2:38)
  • Elisa talks about her decision to decide and plan where she wanted to see herself in the next 15 years (5:05)
  • Elisa talks about how she redesigned her internal world (12:52)
  • Elisa describes how she used her rage to create positive emotions (17:19)
  • Elisa talks about how she started suppressing her feelings through substance abuse (24:34)
  • Elisa talks about the big slap in the face, her reaction to the 2017 Sonoma Complex fire, and the birth of her book (35:26)

First Impressions:

  • The Catholic church (41:42)
  • Children (41:48)
  • Nature (41:50)
  • Elisa Stancil (41:54)
  • Affirmations (41:02)
  • Visualizations (41:59)
  • Trauma (42:06)
  • Healing (42:12)


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