Jun 5
Jun 5
Emile Westergaard:

Finance to Folk Music

Emile Westergaard: Finance to Folk Music Dr. Seku Gathers

In today’s episode of the Truth Prescription. Dr Seku Gathers chats to Hedge Fund Manager, Founder/CEO (and Folk Singer) Emile Westergaard.

Topics include:

  • Finding the clarity of truth around what it is you want to do and how you want to live
  • Achieve the truth and be confident in that
  • A Spiritual Guide To Green Chi
  • Learning to understand the truth of your emotions.

After grinding for years on Wall street and surviving a two contentious divorces, Emile found himself running on a high maintenance treadmill. He soon came to realize, through martial arts and meditation practice, that truth was a path to lasting contentment.

“Once you do that, good things start to happen. Negative people aren’t attracted to the idea of truth, but positive people, that’s what they want. That’s Green Chi.”

Now Emile runs his own company that gives back and teaches clients how to self manage and be financially successful with tools and tips meant to breed self-sufficiency with less reliance on banks.

 “Every person, no matter their industry has had to interface with certain truths in their professional and personal lives. It’s through accepting those truths that obstacles can be overcome that lead to great and greater success.”

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