May 10
May 10
Farryn Weiner:

The Truth About the Things We Tell Ourselves We Can't Do.

Farryn Weiner: The Truth About the Things We Tell Ourselves We Can’t Do. Dr. Seku Gathers

Good people,

Today I’m joined by Farryn Weiner, an award-winning branding and marketing leader, a podcast host, and founder at FARRYNHEIGHT.

Farryn’s truth actually started as a lie. As she struggled a lot with math in school, she convinced herself she was terrible at math, and because of that, she’ll never be able to create a successful company. Some inner work and time later, Farryn managed to deal with her fears and discovered that she is pretty decent at math and capable of starting an incredibly successful company. We talked about her journey into becoming a successful leader, the differences between marketing and branding, and storytelling.

Farryn kindly spoke about her relationship with fear and what essentialism means to her.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Tell us something in your personal or professional life where there was a truth that created a significant breakthrough for you once you accepted it (5:01)
  • Could you share a bit of your relationship with fear and how you manage it? (16:04)
  • How do you balance the emotional impact of marketing with the desire to have people interface with companies and brands that they fundamentally love? Because there’s a little manipulation there. How do you stay integral? (25:43)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Farryn’s truth that started as a lie (5:15)
  • The importance of accepting we can be wizards at one thing and barely decent at others (9:32)
  • How Farryn realized she was meant to tell stories (12:50)
  • Farryn speaks about her relationship with fear (15:37)
  • The similarities between how we build our brand and how we build our lives (23:06)

Yes or BS:

  • Soul cycling in the physical studio is more fun than SoulCycle at home (34:43)
  • Efficiency is a way to numb emotion (35:02)
  • A woman’s relationship with her father is a determinant of her success (35:34)
  • The red door on The Farrynheight Podcast logo stands for the flame of creativity (35:49)
  • Mindfulness is being full of mind (36:20)
  • Anger is a useful tool in branding (36:36)
  • Women are more intuitive than men (37:10)
  • Survival shows like Naked and Afraid, and Fear Factor can help you survive life (37:40)


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