Jul 22
Jul 22
Heather Parady:

Leaning into the Uncertainty

Heather Parady: Leaning into the Uncertainty Dr. Seku Gathers

Good people,

On this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Heather Parady. Heather is a content coach and podcast host who teaches masterminds for those who want to start their own podcasts, and so much more. She is also the host of the Unconventional Leaders Podcast. Her business and podcast are built on saving time, preventing overwhelm, and helping people find true meaning in their work.

During our conversation, Heather combines her personal and professional truths, as this true affects all aspects of life. She delves into how she realized her personal and professional motivations were all based on seeking the external approval of others.

Now, she’s constantly working on rewiring her brain for the better, creating positive thoughts out of the negative ones.

Host: Dr. Seku Gathers

Guest: Heather Parady


[5:25] Personal & Professional Truth: Heather combined her personal and professional truth: that many decisions in her life were (and are) fueled by response and a fear of rejection. She’s lived in fear of being alone and people not accepting the important decisions she makes, whether they relate to the personal or professional aspects of her life. Over the last couple of years, she’s made some major career shifts and taken leaps into things that are a little unconventional. Acknowledging the truth about her fear of rejection has taught her to listen to that still, small voice, and lean into things that scare her.

[8:19] Find Your Competitive Advantage: Heather talks to us about the concept that we’re all born with a sense of inferiority. In other words, we always feel that something’s a little off with us, whether it’s the way we look, how we grew up, or our relationships with our parents. Heather shares the idea, based off of psychologist Alfred Adler’s theories, that instead of fighting that thing, lean into it. Find out how it can be your competitive advantage. Use it to fuel your mission and find purpose in it. Heather believes that this thing that you think disqualifies you is actually the very thing that can qualify you to make the greatest impact. It’s what makes us human and drives connection.

[16:19] Rewire Your Brain: Heather and I talked a bit about neuroplasticity: the idea that your brain can be rewired. Your thought patterns can be rewired, changing the way you think. Of course, this is not an overnight thing; it’s more like a muscle that you have to grow and develop. Heather uses this concept to find a way to stop entertaining negative thoughts and start replacing those thought patterns with positive ones. It’s uncomfortable, but that’s an indicator that you’re really doing something right.

[25:05] Yes or BS:

  1. Anyone can be a podcaster.
  2. The role of wife is easier than the role of mother.
  3. The prototypical southern gentleman is still alive & well.
  4. College prepares you for adult life.
  5. There is too much content on the internet.
  6. There are just too many podcasters.
  7. Homeschooling is better than public schooling.
  8. Building a podcast audience is simple.