Mar 19
Mar 19
Jimmy Myers:

A Hurricane of Truth & Broadcasting Talent

Jimmy Myers: A Hurricane of Truth & Broadcasting Talent Dr. Seku Gathers

This is one of the most exciting interviews on The Truth Prescription. Our next guest paved the way for other black sportscasters and people of colour in the industry.

His innate ability to be able to talk truth with his guests, like Ruben “Hurricane,” Carter, is what inspired other greats like Denzel Washington to want to play his role in the movie.

In this two-part Truth Prescription special, we chat with the legendary radio and television broadcaster Jimmy Myers.

This episode, we dive into his journey in broadcasting from being an anchor at WBZ Boston, working for WWRTV where he won broadcaster of the year to move to FOX 25 to then hosting his own sports variety talk show called, “The Jimmy Myers Sports Exchange.”

A broadcast icon in his own right, but I have the unique privilege of calling this man my Godfather. Here’s part one with Uncle Jimmy.