Oct 12
Oct 12
Joseph McClendon III:

Tell, Show, Try & Do

Joseph McClendon III: Tell, Show, Try & Do Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

Today I had the chance to interview Mr. Joseph McClendon III, a performance coach and one of Tony Robbin’s top speakers. He’s a doctor of Neuropsychology and one of the most sought-after ultimate performance specialists in the industry.

Joseph’s truth was around how he learned to get out of feeling victimized all the time. He shares about his Tell, Show, Try & Do technique in order to stay positive, shift out of a victim mindset, and navigate the negative media bombarding us today. He also shares the lessons he hopes to teach his son, and the message he hopes the world receives from him.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is asstitude? (10:00)
  • How can folks stay optimistic right now? (11:21)
  • What is the number one lesson you would teach your son? (21:24)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • 5 truths Joseph’s parents taught him. (4:46)
  • The Tell, Show, Try, Do process. (7:46)
  • How Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil applies to today’s world. (18:12)
  • How exposure to the thing you fear helps transform how you feel about it. (23:42)
  • Why success is an uncomfortable procedure. (31:36)

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