Apr 15
Apr 15
Josh Cary:

A Self-Aware Journey From Actor to Entrepreneur

Josh Cary: A Self-Aware Journey From Actor to Entrepreneur Dr. Seku Gathers

This week on the Truth Prescription, I’m speaking with Josh Cary. Josh is a business coach and host of the Hidden Entrepreneur podcast. Josh takes us on quite a journey: from his career as an actor, comedian (where he got the attention and validation he was seeking), to his first marriage (where learned the lessons of self-awareness and began picking up the pieces), into his relationship with his current wife (who didn’t let him run away from a great thing), over to the birth of his children (who brought a new level a meaning to his life) and around to his life as business coach (where he teaches his clients how to breakthrough).

Josh spent 15 years as an actor and filmmaker and today, in addition to the podcast and coaching, he’s also the CEO of a digital marketing company for pet sitters and dog walkers. In his work as a business coach, he helps other entrepreneurs find the truth, and most enjoys working with those who either:

  1. Identify as an entrepreneur and understand that they’re extremely powerful and able, however, they’ve been holding themselves back.
  2. Are about 3-5 years into their business and find themselves hitting a wall that they can’t break through.

We discuss how, when it comes to the truth, looking within is always a great place to start.

Host: Dr. Seku Gathers

Guest: Josh Cary


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  • Professional Truth – In 8th grade Josh was bit by the acting bug; while changing classes, a classmate passed him in the hallway and asked if he was going to audition for the school play. Wanting to fit in, he quickly responded, “yeah.” He had no idea what he was getting himself into or that there was even an audition. As fate would have it, he was cast. The play was about drug awareness and Josh landed the role as the comic relief. That role taught him how to mask feelings by using comedy as a diversion, he also liked the attention that he received. He went home, told his mom that we wanted to be an actor and had a 15-year career in acting and film making.


  • Personal Truth: Josh talks to us about the lessons he learned from his first marriage. He and his then wife made the choice to leave New York and head to Texas; they figured since all of their problems were in NY that moving halfway across the country would make things better. Their marriage lasted 3 years and Josh eventually went back home to New Jersey to figure things out. He tried to get back into the dating scene and also started working on learning himself and his habits. He speaks about the work that he did to become more self-aware and how he began picking up the pieces.


  • Trying to Run from a Good Thing: While dating his then girlfriend, now wife, he tried to end their relationship. Despite her being, what he describes as, exactly what he wanted and what he needed, fear kicked in. He was so scared about taking such a mature leap. Josh says everything about him was fear, insecurity, immaturity, desperation, neediness and when he was face to face with something real, he didn’t know how to respond. Cut to today, they’re married and have two beautiful children, who Josh credit with bringing an entirely new level of meaning into his life.


  • “F That Noise”: Josh talks to us about his coaching framework, “F That Noise.” It’s used to help clients look within, accept their fears and move beyond them. It’s a 5 step process based on self-awareness, helping to create breakthroughs and to stop us from using fear as an excuse.

N: Name the emotion

O: Own That Emotion

I: Identify with It

S: Sit with It

E: Evolve Into Person You Want to Be (and have always been)


  • Yes or BS:
    1. The best meditation app is Insight Timer?
    2. 5AM is the best time to wake up for success?
    3. A great leader motivates a change in others?
    4. Josh Cary will live to be 101?
    5. Fatherhood is easier than Husbandhood?
    6. Josh Cary cares deeply about what other people think?