Jan 10
Jan 10
Karen Gamba

Mindset of A Personal Brand Expert (And Apartheid Survivor)

Karen Gamba | Mindset of A Personal Brand Expert (And Apartheid Survivor) Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

Today I’m joined by Karen Gamba, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at ExV Agency, a creative business development agency, and Founder of Women Building Women, a nonprofit that mentors and career counsels women from underserved communities.

Growing up in South Africa during the apartheid and being privileged enough to have the possibilities and the tools to succeed in corporate America, Karen developed a unique value system she then used to build her own career path and find fulfillment through her job.

Her truth is about why she wanted to get into corporate America and what made her want to leave. Other truths that set her free were the things she learned and discovered about herself in that process.

We talked about Karen’s successful journey in corporate America and what made her pursue entrepreneurship, her experiences living in South Africa during apartheid. We also explore the importance of trusting and following our instincts and why it is more fruitful to visit our failures more often than our successes.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About the weight of our parents’ expectations and how they can interfere with our desires and destiny (6:40)
  • Why we should listen to our gut more often (9:13)
  • The gold is where you struggled. Where you felt you were on your knees (10:43)
  • How to approach personal branding properly (15:17)
  • How did growing up in South Africa during apartheid shape Karen’s personality (20:51)
  • The danger to hold on too tight in our beliefs (26:25)

This or That:

  • New York or Hong Kong (30:07)
  • Communicate or wait (32:37)
  • Trump or Biden (33:56)
  • Pizza or broccoli (34:05)
  • Meditate or create (34:21)
  • Feeling or thinking (35:26)
  • Bath or shower (36:25)
  • Long day or long night (37:17)


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