Nov 8
Nov 8
Kate Eckman

The Truth About Inner Work

Kate Eckman – The Truth About Inner Work Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

Joining me today is the empowering Kate Eckman. She is an Author, Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, an Agent for Social Change, and an Expert in Confidence and Performance. Kate’s enthusiasm and positivity are infectious, the product of both her inner work and the influence of her family, a group of high achievers who imprinted on her the love for training, education, and being in constant improvement.

Our conversation delved into her truth, discovering how powerful she actually is and learning how to teach others to make that discovery. After a couple of excruciating experiences, Kate fell into a deep hole where she contemplated taking her own life. Gratefully, her brother came to the rescue at the right time, and she focused on her asking herself powerful questions, acknowledging the overwhelm and exhaustion we all experience, and giving herself space to heal.

Hop on and join us in this self-discovery trip, where we touch on self-development, optimism, learning to let people fall away from our lives, and changing our lives from the inside out.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was that truth in your life that you may have been ignoring, that once you accepted it, created a breakthrough for you? (3:56)
  • What are the things that you tell people that work with you about mental fitness? (15:57)
  • How do you define spirituality? (30:17)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Just as showing up at the gym wearing a cute outfit won’t get us fit, mental fitness also requires work (7:43)
  • Learning to ignore the snakes we find in our way (11:12)
  • The key ingredients for effective and meaningful leadership: Patience, Presence, Purpose, Preparation, Practice (16:26)
  • The importance of the pause. How crucial it is for almost everything we do (18:49)

Yes or BS:

  • 1 – Spirit has no sides (35:01)
  • 2 – Success can’t be redefined (35:56)
  • 3 – Heart is better than brain (38:05)


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