Sep 4
Sep 4
Katie Duke:

The Reality of Truth and Medicine

Katie Duke: The Reality of Truth and Medicine Dr. Seku Gathers

It’s your 11th dose of The Truth Prescription. Today’s show has none other than Nurse Practitioner, Public Speaker and Influence Katie Duke. The intriguing thing about this guest is through all the accomplishments, a google search with her name primarily yields articles and posts surrounding a very public, personal and painful incident. On this episode, however, ¬†we get to delve deeply into all sides of Ms. Duke, discovering that even though her Instagram photos depict raw sass, life wasn’t always glamorous or chic for this lady. We learn about:

  • How she found her truth after hitting rock bottom in a domestically abusive relationship
  • Going to Nursing School after working in a factory and delicatessen years after graduating high school.
  • How her experience on reality television only reaffirmed her strength of character
  • Katie’s side of the story around her dismissal from a prominent New York Hospital
  • How she uses her popularity to empower women with education over physical appearances.

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