Dec 9
Dec 9
Kimberly Spencer:

The Truth About Our Plagiarized Program

Kimberly Spencer: The Truth About Our Plagiarized Program Dr. Seku Gathers

Good people,

Today I am joined by Kimberly Spencer – filmmaker, actor, writer, entrepreneur, coach, and podcaster. Not only do Kimberly and I have a lot in common professionally, but we were also both previous self-sabotagers that have harnessed the power within us to help ourselves and others. Kimberly’s personal experience and authenticity are refreshing. She inspires, motivates, and coaches her clients using what she has learned from her personal development to help others to find their truth.

Kimberly’s truth is that she realized she was a people pleaser and had to learn the importance of self-love. Feeling pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming and causes people to blame themselves for just being human. Throughout our conversation, Kimberly shares the story of her eating disorder, her journey to self-love, and how we can turn feelings into a choice.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • What is Plagiarized Programming? (15:41)
  • How acting and improv school helped Kimberly heal (26:42)
  • How we can turn feelings into a choice (30:42)
  • Being a victim vs. having a victim mindset (33:08)
  • What is just world bias and why is it important for high performers? (34:40)
  • The importance of intentionality (44:14)

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