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Mar 1
Lydia Lee:

Growing Wings To Fly Out of The Cubicle

Lydia Lee: Growing Wings To Fly Out of The Cubicle Dr. Seku Gathers

Good people,

Joining me today is Lydia Lee, career change coach and meaningful work advocate. She guides corporate employees transitioning from a 9 to 5 job to a business they love, based on their strengths, values, and personality.

Originally from Malaysia, Lydia and her parents moved to Canada, looking for a brighter financial future. She grew up in Vancouver, where she was very successful in the corporate world; Lydia worked as a business developing manager, project sales coordinator, marketing specialist, and the list goes on.

After suffering a burnout during a business trip that ended with her flying on an emergency flight back home, Lydia started thinking about meaning and purpose in life.

Lydia’s truth is about realizing there is no connection between success and overworking herself. Being a humble family in a foreign country, Lydia’s parents planted on her the seed of working twice as hard to be considered worthy of an opportunity. That mandate of overproducing led Lydia into a path of exhaustion, including long years of work without a single vacation break that made her reconsider her life choices and eventually inspired her “Screw the cubicle” idea.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Tell my listeners something either in your personal, professional life where you had a breakthrough after accepting something real about yourself. (4:43)
  • You gave me three truths here. Listen to your body. Don’t follow a script or somebody else’s script for your life. And then, success is not overworking. Tell me which one you feel is the most prominent. (11:49)
  • Did you decide to move to Bali as part of a plan to live in a country that allows you more financial flexibility? Do you recommend that to clients? Put yourself up financially first, and then figure the next move? (13:00)
  • If you were to choose a movie theme that identifies your process of helping people transition from corporate to out of the cubicle into the entrepreneur partnership, what would that theme be? (29:03)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • We can’t separate personal from working life (5:05)
  • Where following someone else’s path can take us (10:05)
  • You can get out of the cubicle; still, the cubicle might follow you (12:21)
  • Waiting for the right moment could take forever (15:47)
  • The difference between bringing the goal with us and going after it (23:40)
  • Reinvention happens more than once in a lifetime (29:09)

Yes or BS:

  1. The cubicle is a safe space (35:12)
  2. Pineapples are the best fruit to eat with meat (37:53)
  3. All business can be location independent (38:37)
  4. Freedom is not a destination (40:01)
  5. Talents and gifts are the same (40:57)
  6. Lydia Lee is going to run out and get the COVID-19 vaccine (43:39)


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