Jun 11
Jun 11
Michelle Sorro

Some Extra Truth & The Mindset Mashup

Michelle Sorro – Some Extra Truth & The Mindset Mashup Dr. Seku Gathers

Michelle Marie Sorro is a TV host on EXTRA, an author and a lifestyle strategist. Her lively, unfiltered and heart-centered podcast The Mindset Mashup actually launches today. She aims to bring people closer to their best life through her podcast, and she invites inspirational guests who provide tips that can elevate your life, business, and relationships. Originally born in Oak Harbor, Washington, Michelle we hear about her story from how she went to UCLA to obtain a Broadcast Journalism degree to 20 years later hosting shows on HSN and currently one of the hosts on the TV Show Extra. In this episode, we hear about Michelle’s truth about her shame around smoking, her belief in investing in yourself and how she wants to unveil the belief systems that we have to shield us from being our authentic selves.

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