Aug 29
Aug 29
Joe Budden

Failure is a Success Key

Mike Budden, not Joe Budden – Failure is a Success Key Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

Today, Mike Budden joins us to talk about the hardships of the entrepreneurial journey and the advantages of seeing every situation in life, mistakes included, as a possibility to learn. Mike is a Clinical Coordinator and Lead PA at Zipcare 365, a healthcare entrepreneur, healthcare investor, physician’s assistant, real estate investor, and founder of Curerated. 

Mike’s truth is to realize he cannot control people’s actions. As a healthcare specialist, he knew he could influence patients to make the right choices regarding their health, but the final decision was always in his patients’ hands. Embracing that truth took a massive weight out of Mike’s back and removed a lot of stress from his life. 

Our conversation revolved around Mike’s truth, his work ethic, and how his nightlife working as a door manager at one of the hottest NYC nightclubs put him in touch with a different perspective on making money. We also delve into Mike’s relationship with entrepreneurship; we analyze the healthcare system through the lens of hospitality, his decision to become an entrepreneur, the powerful lessons failed entrepreneurship endeavors can teach, and the two choices we have after every defeat in life.  

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • A short clip that depicts a younger version of Mike, a snapshot of his 20s (3:34)
  • Mike talks about his truth and how acknowledging it liberated him (6:12)
  • Mike shares bits of his childhood and where he got his work ethic from (9:17)
  • Mike talks about his first foray into entrepreneurship and his experiences in nightlife working as a door manager (12:41)
  • Mike and Dr. Seku talk about the two options we have after failing (16:44)
  • Mike talks about how the idea of creating Curerated was born (19:39)


First Impressions:

  • Tesla (30:12)
  • Money (30:51)
  • Sex (30:59)
  • Real Estate (31:32)
  • Nightlife (31:47)
  • Technology (32:02)
  • Joe Budden (32:54)
  • Lennox Budden (35:15)
  • Mike Budden (35:46)


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