Jan 4
Jan 4
Mitra Manesh

The Truth About Listening

Mitra Manesh – The Truth About Listening Dr. Seku Gathers

Good people,

Today I had the pleasure to speak to a real gem, a very wise woman – Mitra Manesh. She is the founder of the Innermap app, a professor in Mindful Awareness at UCLA, and a coach for 35 years.

Mitra’s truth revolves around the acceptance of death after losing a friend when she was 12 years old. We dive deep into that story and how it changed her life’s path extensively and we also talk about the value of the app she created – Innermap – and how it can help people be more conscious. We get into discussing the power of a technique called ‘changing the question’, why coaching works and why doesn’t sometimes, and the reason most people across the globe are feeling unheard.

I encourage you to close your eyes, open your ears, relax, and enjoy this conversation with Mitra.

Some Questions I Ask

  • How does the Innermap app differ from the other mindful apps? (12:21)
  • What do you love about coaching and what advice do you have for new coaches? (19:49)

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • The first truth that Mitra learned from her friend’s death (6:17)
  • That anything you make up you can access (17:04)
  • Why changing the question is important (26:22)
  • The importance of intentional listening (33:24)
  • How we are all unheard (34:54)

Resources Mentioned

Connect with Mitra