Sep 16
Sep 16
My Consciousness:

Two Choices

My Consciousness: Two Choices Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

On today’s episode, I want to talk about 2 concepts that I believe are critical to self-development. The #1 priority on your path to self-improvement and self-development, and overcoming challenges, is don’t beat yourself up. Desire to be better and always appreciate where you are. In that same vein, remember to ask yourself how you can move forward from every challenge life throws your way.


[1:38] As we move through life, we go through a lot of emotions every day. Anger, anxiety, depression, or a variety of emotions. When you become aware of the state that you’re in, and shift your self-improvement mindset from one of, “I’m bad, I need to change,” to “I appreciate where I am today, and I want to improve for improvement’s sake,” that’s where the real growth will kick in.

[4:17] The “why” question doesn’t matter; the “how” question is the one that will spur growth. Oftentimes, I’ve noticed that people, including myself, want to seek an explanation for “why” things are the way they are. Instead, the question to ask yourself should be, “How will I move forward from this?” The “how” is the real solution.