Aug 19
Aug 19
My Consciousness:

What Makes a Great leader

My Consciousness: What Makes a Great leader Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

On today’s episode, I want to talk to you about leadership. Specifically, what makes a great leader? It’s not somebody who is the most charismatic or knows all the best leadership theories. For me, when I think about leadership, I think about truth and spirit.

When you think of a great leader, who comes to mind? Gandhi? Former President Barak Obama? Malcolm X? With all these people, there’s one thing that they all commonly embody: they are what they preach. They live their own teachings and galvanize others to inspire them to great heights. We’re all leaders in our own way, but to be a great leader means living out what you speak out.

Host: Dr. Seku Gathers

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[02:40] Lead with the Spirit of Truth: The idea behind what makes a great leader is the spirit of truth. Essentially, whatever the message is inside of a person that needs external manifestation, that message is in alignment with both their words and action. To be a great leader, you have to live what you profess, both out in the world and in the hidden places. When nobody’s watching, that’s when a true leader is created and born. If your words, deeds, and actions are in alignment no matter who’s watching, it makes that message so much more powerful.

[4:30] Be Your Own Leader: Each of us is a leader of our own life. You don’t have to be a president, CEO, or celebrity. No matter what your role is, the best way for all of us to be the greatest leaders is to make sure that the inside and outside match. When those things align, you can look in the mirror at yourself and think, “I’m going to follow that guy.”