Oct 31
Oct 31
Naz Beheshti

Become the CEO of your Well-Being

Naz Beheshti | Become the CEO of your Well-Being Dr Seku Gathers

Good People,

Naz Beheshti joins us today to discuss the importance of mental health and stress management, why we should always pause for a moment at least once or twice per day, and how to be in charge of our well-being. Naz is an executive wellness coach, speaker, Forbes contributor, CEO and Founder of Prananaz Corporate Wellness Solutions, and author of “Pause. Breathe. Choose: Become the CEO of Your Well-Being.”

Naz’s truth is to realize the advice her mother gave her on how to deal with burnout and stress, which Naz ignored for over 10 years, was not only the solution to her problems but also the front door of a completely different life. 

Our conversation revolves around Naz’s truth, and the moment her mother’s words became so clear to her. We delve into the 40 years long (and counting) family vacation story, Naz’s struggles with exhaustion and stress, meditation techniques, and their proven positive health benefits. 

Plus, we discuss Naz’s book “Pause. Breathe. Choose,” how corporate America understands mental well-being, the importance of “embracing” our shadows and darkness, and more. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • A vacation that changed Naz’s life (4:13)
  • The truth Naz had been ignoring for a decade (4:56)
  • How meditation can help us choose how to react to things (8:01)
  • Sometimes, the best reaction is not to react (10:41)
  • Wellness is not only about nutrition and fitness (18:14)
  • Corporate America and mental health (19:51)


First Impressions:

  • Meditation (26:30)
  • Steve Jobs (26:34)
  • Fear (26:41)
  • Big Pharma (26:49)
  • Health (27:03)
  • Money (27:09)
  • San Francisco (27:15)
  • Health (27:33)




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