Dec 11
Dec 11
Shakti Durga:

Lawyer to Lightworker

Shakti Durga: Lawyer to Lightworker Dr. Seku Gathers

It’s the 18th Episode of The Truth Prescription and we’re almost wrapping up 2017 after nine months of interviews, guests and of course, bi monthly dosages of truth. This week, we share one of the most unique stories of truth we’ve ever come across in our series of podcasts. Shakti Durga, or Kim Fraser, is Australia’s first female Guru. The name “Guru,” in traditional sanskrit means teacher, guide, expert or master. She is an author, musician and founder of Shanti Mission Harmony Centres – a school with meditations, teachings and courses that are located all around the world.

We explore the truths around:

  • How she went from corporate lawyer, to energetic healer, to Guru
  • It was when her marriage broke down that she found meditation which sparked her spiritual path
  • The five dimensions of self that each individual has

Another beautiful element that this podcast has is that she offers our listeners a special blessing at the end. If you want to connect with Shakti Durga, here’s how: