Dec 20
Dec 20
Steve Shallenberger

The Truth About Leadership

Steve Shallenberger – The Truth About Leadership Dr. Seku Gathers

Dear People,

Joining me today is Steve Shallenberger, Founder, and President at Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, a company inspired by his best-selling book “Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders.” Steve is an innovator in leadership and corporate training; he takes leadership training and team development to a new level using a results-driven success blueprint.

Steve’s truth is about realizing that his life started to change after meeting the right people and reading the right books. To him, all of us are leaders; at minimum, we lead our lives, and it’s up to us to make the right choices and lead ourselves to success.

We had a fantastic conversation about what makes a great leader, why leadership is so important, what we can do to lead our and others’ lives to success, and how crucial it is to be always open to knowledge. Steve shared the process that led to writing his best-selling book, the traits every great leader must have, and how we can use the three high-performance habits to do what matters most. We also explore the acronym SMART, an excellent tool for goal tracking, and why sharing our goals with someone we admire and respect is a goal-achieving game-changer.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Charlie “Tremendous” Jones advice and Steve’s truth (5:23)
  • What led Steve to write “Becoming Your Best,” and what were the findings that led to the creation of the twelve principles (8:35)
  • What makes a good leader (12:23)
  • Why it is essential to lead from a vision (16:40)
  • The three high-performing habits (21:18)

One Word Mouthful:

  • Vision (32:21)
  • Writing (32:25)
  • Money (32:29)
  • Brigham Young (32:35)
  • Time (32:50)
  • Utah (32:57)
  • Mentorship (33:00)
  • Mindset (33:05)
  • Steve Shallenberger (33:10)
  • Roxane Shallenberger (33:15)


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