Jan 9
Jan 9
Steven Washington

Recovering from Addiction

Steven Washington | Recovering from Addiction

Good People,

Today, I’m joined by the Movement Master, Author, and Recovery Advocate, Steven Washington. In his “previous life,” Steven had a successful career as a contemporary dancer at New York City Opera, Metropolitan Opera, and Broadway in Disney’s The Lion King. To deal with the anxiety caused by performing at that level, plus a rooted sense of not enoughness, Steven relied on drugs and alcohol and became an addict. After over 20 years of sobriety, Steven sees his addiction as a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to have another life. 

Steven’s truth is to realize he is enough, that he has always been, and once he fully embraced that idea, he experienced a massive breakthrough and a profound transformation.  

Our conversation revolves around Steven’s first meeting with his truth, his recovery from addiction, and the decision to explore, learn and experience Traditional Eastern medicine and become a practitioner. We also talk about his book, “Recovering You,” his love for Qigong and the energy he can generate through its practice, how complementary and different Western and Eastern medicine are, and so much more. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • About Steven’s truth and how acknowledging it changed his life (3:06)
  • Becoming a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner (5:14)
  • The arduous process of writing a book and why we must be flexible with our goals (7:54)
  • Steven explains what Qigong is and how it changed his life (11:47)
  • The instrumental role of community and connection in dealing with any issue (19:08)
  • Eastern and Western medicine and their different approach to health (26:26)

First Impressions:

  • Love (28.42)
  • Addiction (28.47)
  • Truth (28:55)
  • Breath (28:59)
  • Heaven (29:04)
  • Hell (29:11)
  • Qigong (29:45)
  • Smile (29:50)



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