Dec 24
Dec 24

The Holiday Truth

The Holiday Truth Dr. Seku Gathers

This week’s Truth Prescription features the annual Holiday Truth from Dr. Seku. He delivers a quick dose of truth, sharing insight on his recent reflections about the moments when he experiences fear in his life.

Inspired from a verse from the song “Living the Light” (by, a close friend and season 1 guest, Evrythng Cost featuring Heather Hayes) that talks about the importance of owning the truth and trusting the outcome, Dr. Seku talks about those fearful moments and what he does overcome them. Tune into our last episode of 2018!

Here’s to the Holiday Truth:

“I guarantee, if you really, really dig deep, deep, deep down inside – in your heart and in your gut, you are more passionate about doing what you want to do for your life than you are afraid about not doing what you want to do.” – Dr. Seku Gathers

Host: Dr. Seku Gathers

Resources: Living the Light: Evrythng Cost feat Heather Hayes