Jan 23
Jan 23
Tanika Ray

The Truth About Being Mom

Tanika Ray | The Truth About Being Mom Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People, 

Today I’m joined by the talented and beautiful Tanika Ray, mother, TV host, creator and producer, and host of the Mamaste with Tanika Ray podcast. The former host of TV shows like Ready To Love, Ladies Who List, and Extra joins us to reveal the truth that changed her life once she embraced it, talk about the biggest fallacy of motherhood, and how to manage stress. 

Tanika’s truth was to realize that being somebody else for somebody else wasn’t enough anymore. After seven years of living the dream, being famous, and “being on the top,” Tanika was at her lowest and feeling miserable. She realized she needed a massive change in her life. 

Throughout our conversation, we explore the dark side of showbiz, the dangers of neglecting our mental health, and the oppressive reality single mothers have to deal with. Tanika also talks about the biggest fallacy of motherhood, why we should turn self-care into some sort of ritualistic habits, the importance of being proactive and moving our bodies, and more. 

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • About Tanika’s truth (3:31)
  • Just because people know you, it doesn’t mean you don’t have problems (6:32)
  • About life choices made to soothe childhood wounds (11:19)
  • The biggest fallacy of motherhood (15:48)
  • Tanika’s advice to the mothers out there (20:24)
  • Keys to managing stress (30:27)


First Impressions

  • Momma (37:58)
  • Papi (38:01)
  • Husband (38:18)
  • Wife (38:24)
  • Celebrity (38:32)
  • Dance (38:35)
  • Exercise (38:37)
  • Freedom (38:41)

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