Apr 10
Apr 10
Thomas Sterner

Emotional Freedom Through Mind Power

Thomas Sterner | Emotional Freedom Through Mind Power Dr. Seku Gathers

Good people, 

In today’s episode, I’m joined by the CEO and founder of The Practicing Mind Institute, author, podcaster, and mindset maven, Thomas Sterner. As a teenager, Thomas was very creative. Yet, he lacked discipline, so once the initial enthusiasm for starting something new dissipated, he would look for something else, leaving that initial project unfinished. It took him some time, but he realized he was reacting to behaviors installed in his subconscious mind.

Thomas’ truth was to realize he was the producer of his thoughts, not his thoughts. This revelation, rarely seen in teenagers, helped Thomas become an observer of his thoughts and gave him an advantage in his personal and professional life. Eventually, he became an expert in Present Moment Functioning, which allowed him to bring clarity to thousands of people, including CEOs, elite athletes, and high-performing individuals.

Throughout our conversation, Thomas shares how his early awakening helped him become an observer of his thoughts and his experiences sharing this knowledge with teenagers and peers. You’ll also hear about the heart and mind connection, how meditation can help you become aware of your thoughts, why Thomas believes we can find many answers in the quantum theory, and more.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Thomas’ background and his truth (2:43)
  • How Thomas’ life changed when he became aware he and his thoughts are two separate things (6:08)
  • Thomas talks about his inspiration for writing his books (9:13)
  • “It’s just a thought.” Thomas talks about his second book (14:08)
  • Being reactive is giving away your freedom to others (18:19)
  • Learn how to recognize you are not in the present moment (25:18)
  • There is no such a thing as “failed meditation” (29:59)
  • How to tune in the right frequency (34:23)


First Impressions:

  • Stress (39:08)
  • Music (39:19)
  • Thinking (39:23)
  • Thought (39:28)
  • Emotion (39:33)
  • Improvisation (39:42)
  • Thomas Sterner (39:47)


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