Mar 18
Mar 18
Truth Bomb:

Perception Being Fantasy

Truth Bomb: Perception Being Fantasy Dr. Seku Gathers

This week’s Truth Prescription brings, both, our  50th Episode and a quick dose of truth from Dr. Seku.

We’ve all heard the saying that “perception is reality,” it can also be fantasy. He talks about a recent experience on a career panel and his interaction with another panelist. The panelist’s perception created a fantasy, which powered an assumption and a stereotype.

He also speaks truth to facing his own perceptions and how they led him down a path of  making up stories about a person and their intentions – without any evidence or knowledge of the situation.

Here’s to 50 Episodes of The Truth:

“Just because I make up some story in my head, about what something is, or about what someone is, doesn’t mean it’s right.”

Host: Dr. Seku Gathers