Jun 7
Jun 7
Wendy De Rosa:

A Truth About an Overlooked Talent

Wendy De Rosa: A Truth About an Overlooked Talent Dr. Seku Gathers

Good People,

Today, I had a fantastic conversation with Wendy De Rosa; she is an international intuitive energy healer, the School of Intuitive Studies founder, speaker, teacher, and author.

Wendy’s truth is the discovery of a gift after thinking there was something wrong with her. Although she was very sensitive since she was a child, it never occurred to Wendy that she had healing abilities.

Being the older of 8 siblings, Wendy had to work to help her family since she was 12. She didn’t have the language to decipher her experiences as the intuitive, sensitive child she was throughout her childhood, so she ended up internalizing a lot of shame and blame. At age 19, Wendy suffered a mental breakdown; she simply couldn’t deal anymore with the overwhelm and the heavy responsibilities she was exposed to. After an interview with a healing teacher who identified her talent, she understood she wasn’t a hot mess; she only needed to explore and nurture her gifts as an emphatic healer.

We had a great conversation about Wendy’s journey, divine interventions, bypassing the rational mind through energy, what it is like to be an empath, and guided meditation. Wendy kindly talked about the seven chakras; she explained the differences between them and where they are situated in our bodies. At the end of this episode, Wendy guides us through a delightful grounding exercise.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • I’d like you to share a truth, something that you either were ignoring or maybe you just weren’t aware that once you experienced it created some breakthrough for you in your life. (4:12)
  • Could you talk a bit about how someone can know if they are, in fact, an empath? (21:29)
  • Could you go through each chakra and talk a bit about what they represent? (26:26)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A pivotal moment in Wendy’s life. The man with the ukulele and the halo (8:27)
  • Learning to feel and going through patriarchal teachings (15:30)
  • The different types of truths in our lives and how we deal with them (20:52)
  • The places we can only visit through a guided meditation (25:34)


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