What I do

I work globally with actors, entrepreneurs, athletes and high-performers, to exponentially elevate their greatness. At a certain level of success, it takes very small shifts in perception to accelerate achievements in the external world.

This is my sweet spot. This is where I can make the most impact. Trauma is a particularly dangerous and subtle wound, as it often goes undetected, only coming up periodically during moments of distress or, interestingly, periods of rest.

My background in treating physical trauma for 2 decades as a physician, combined with confronting and healing  childhood trauma through years of coaching and therapy, has allowed  my practice to grow as a vessel for deep, sustained transformation. This process is about serving you, the client, with courage, strength and supreme authenticity. Anything less, my friends, would be uncivilized. 🙂

Why I do

At age 8 and 10, I was sexually assaulted by individuals that were close to me. This  produced severe distrust and insecurity about the world and the people in it.  I hid for years, both personally and professionally – never wanting to be seen and unwilling to accept my natural talents, inclinations and strengths.

My power, I found after full acceptance , lay the ability to discern the central truth of any situation and use that information to realize new possibilities.  Working with someone through a complex set of internal and external circumstances and creating new pathways and possibilities is how I serve. Its fun and hard work. But mostly fun. This is why I do it. 

 How We do